IPN Bank Draft

Paying Your Invoice

This section describes paying an invoice using IPN, Intuit’s Payment Network. You can choose to enter your bank’s information each time or create an account for quicker payment. All information is handled in Intuit’s system and Xilium has no access or control over your bank payments.

  1. When receiving an invoice from Xilium in your email, click the “View Invoice Now” button.EMail
  2.  View and optionally download the invoice. To Pay click the “Paynow” button on the right side of the page.Invoice
  3. If you have an IPN account, or want to create one select the ‘Sign in’ link at the top. If not, ensure the “Bank” radio button is selected. and click ‘Next’ button at bottom right.PayInvoice
  4. To create an account from the ‘Sign in’ link click the “New to Intuit? Create an account” link.CreateIntuitAcct
  5. Follow instructions to enter your bank’s information.

If you wish to pay using a credit card, first contact Xilium and we will enable that method. Then follow instructions to pay by entering your credit card. You may follow the same steps as in bank draft except enter your credit card information. Please remember there will be a 5% surcharge.

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