Payment Process

We have recently modified our payment process to strongly encourage direct bank payment through IPN, Intuit’s Payment Network.

Bank Payment – IPN – setup instructions (for non-US clients please contact us via email for payment instructions)

When paying through the Intuit Payment Network, you can choose to enter your bank’s information each time or create an account for quicker payment. All information is handled in Intuit’s system and Xilium has no access or control over your bank payments.

We will continue to take credit cards through IPN (and other providers) but will require that you first contact us to request this method. We strive to keep our costs low so after Dec 31, 2015 use of a credit card will require that we add a 5% surcharge.


Invoicing and Payment Dates

Xilium will send an invoice via email approximately 7 days before payment is due. If payment is not received by due date we will send an updated invoice charging an additional 10% late fee.

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